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Testimonials - Professionals


"Bob is measuring all of our rooms exclusively to verify results for us and our clients. We trust him and SIM completely to deliver the highest accuracy and best information available."
—Peter Gruneisen studio bau:ton - non zero \ architecture

"Great job, the monitors sound "fun" again! I had subconsciously started using the NS10's more, but I'm back to "arc-welding" with the mains at full volume. Good job, and thanks for all the extra effort."
—Dave Pensado, Mix Engineer

"These speakers were absolutely slammin'. Best of all, the mixes sounded just as good outside the room. Check Hodas out. He's the new monster of speaker and room tuning"
—Ken Kessie, Engineer for En Vogue, Tony Toni Tone

"Bob is the Michael Jordan of room tuning. These rooms have never sounded so good."
—Skip Saylor, Skip Saylor Recording

"Bob Hodas took our unintelligible sounding eight-foot cube of a control room and turned it into our ultimate tracking and mixing reference. When we took our album to Bernie Grundman for mastering, he found nothing at all to change. Bob's service is not a luxury - it is an absolute necessity."
—Tuck & Patti, recording artists

"Bob's experience, knowledge, and attention to detail using the SIM system has improved the sonic imaging, definition, and accuracy of all our recording and mixing rooms."
—Karen Ann Mott/Mark Scott, Post Modern

"Bob has done a superb job for Dynaudio Acoustics. His thorough approach, vast experience and professional attitude are matched only by his great ears. We have great confidence in Bob's skills and quest for high fidelity in critical monitoring applications."
—Bruce Bartone, AXI

"I like to use the main monitors forty to fifty percent of the time. It's still important to feel the music; to hear it big. With Bob Hodas and SIM, I can turn the main monitors on again."
—Gerard Smerek, Producer for Anita Baker

"If Bob Hodas tuned it, I know it's right."
—Ron Banks, Engineer for Freddie Jackson, Billy Ocean

"The studio is so much better! Man, there have been rave reviews coming back from engineers. It was great to have you help us, I really appreciate it."
—John Vanderslice, Performer/Songwriter

"Just wanted to say that you have done a fabulous job. Butch had a great time and I feel so much more confident with the room."
—Kit Rebuhn, Studio Manager, Glenwood Place

"Thanks for your incredible expertise. I'm thrilled with the room now!"
—John Debney, Academy Award nominated Composer

"The system sounds fantastic. It is so much better than before so I am truly happy. For the first time I like what I am hearing and I trust it as well."
—Chris Boyes, Academy Award winning Mixer

"Thank you so much for your great help. My room sounds fantastic."
—Alan Meyerson, Music/Scoring Mixer

"I wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for all your hard work last week here at the studio. The new mains sound exceptional largely because of your expertise. I look forward to working with you soon. Thanks again."
—John Merchant, Engineer

"Thanks for yesterday Bob. You did a great job."
—Gary Wright, Recording Artist

"Sweet. Thanks Bob. Yeah, the room's feeling great. Really happy with the last tweak, took it that extra mile!"
—Josh Alexander, Song Writer

"It was a pleasure to work with you and thanks for tweaking our room. It was educational and fun for the whole family."
Adam Pinch, Dolby Labs

"Thanks Bob! The room is sounding awesome!!
—Mike Wells, Mike Wells Mastering

"Thanks Bob. The speakers sound the best they ever have!"
—Clarke Schleicher, Warner Brothers Records Nashville

"I'm working at home right now, and it sounds great in here. Thanks to everyone. Bob, great finally meeting you, thanks so much."
—Steve Jablonsky, Composer

"Oh My God! What a difference!!!!!!! All I can say is "Where have you been all my life?" It sounds so good in there now it's just frightening to think about how it sounded before. I'm still in shock. It sure is a thing of beauty now."
—Jordan Tarlow, The Fuzztones

"Baby got back or bottom as the case may be. Loving the tweaks you made in my "oddly shaped garage conversion" Sounds great, I'm happy."
—Peter Cole, Post Production Mixer

"LOVING the room. For the first time I took a mix in my car and heard what I heard in the studio. It's translating better than ever. Thanks!
—BZ Lewis, Emmy Award winning Engineer

Thanks Bob. I really enjoyed the day. Learned a ton. Speakers sound so good. I'm going to start a mix today. Can't wait. I feel like I will be able to see "inside" the mix for a change… I can hear stuff in my mixes that was just guesswork before."
—Dave Bryson, Counting Crows

"Just a note to thank you for your participation in the StudioPro2000 Conference. Thank you for tuning the DVD-A/workshop room, as well as the 5.1-channel playback system that we used for our sponsored luncheon. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you at this successful event. I know you worked very, very hard on this event and we know that a large part of the conference success is due to your hard work on set-up. You are fun to work with too."
—Nancy Beyers-Teague, Marketing Manager, Professional Audio Products, Dolby Laboratories Inc

"Our rooms are sounding great. Steve just mentioned to me the other day that he had taken a music mix from Studio 6 (the small "edit room" at mezzanine level) upstairs to Studio 3 and noticed "little to no difference" between the two rooms. We have made all the changes you suggested except for the windows."
—Peter Blayney, Engineer, Lime Sound

"It was a pleasure meeting you and watching you practice your art. I've spent the evening listening, and the only downside I can discern is the overwhelming urge to remix everything I've done in the last year! The new accuracy is amazing; mixes that I've always admired sound even more compelling, but records I've never liked still sound flawed (which shows me I'm NOT being hyped!). Thank you!!!"
—Herb Tassin, Engineer

"I want to say many thanks for your work....I worked last nite doing some dialog dubbing for this film I'm working on and was pleasantly surprised with the ease and confidence I approached it.…In the past I would find tones in the dialog backgrounds, pull them out and then a new one would appear, none of that happened last nite....I would find the tone notch it out add low end with confidence and I'd be done, it was great, everything was much easier, and it sounded great pushing those Manley passive Eqs that I love....I listened to quite a lot of music too and it was really exciting feeling everything as locked down as it was...I'm amazed at how rock solid the center is, it appears like it is absolutely coming out of a center speaker....the low end is tight, very defined and very musical tonally…."
—Lance Limbocker, Engineer

"I will be forever grateful to have met you — because I never would have gotten my studio to sound this good — and all the gear in the world doesn't mean anything unless we have someone like you around to make sure, that what we're hearing, is actually what is there. Thank you."
—Jimmy Boyle, Engineer

"I've been wanting to send this since you were over. I wanted to say Thank You for the work you did in my studio. You gave me confidence in my room and it is paying off. Everything sounds so much tighter and solid. That was a fun day. Steve and I learned a lot that day. I have had many great comments on the sound of the mixes since you were here. Thanks Much Again!!"
—Gene Fiero, Single Sound Recording

"Hi Bob, Thanks for all your help. My mixes are coming out amazing since you we're here. I can't thank you enough."
—David Ives, Ives Creative

"Powered up our room and here's the deal—Low end MUCH better with smooth response from the front speakers. The loading isn't unnatural and MX and FX sound better—It actually sounds the way I would expect it. I'm very pleased for your help and the results acquired Bob. Will look forward to continued work on our mix room."
—Craig Hunter, R/H Factor

"Just wanted to let you know that your design and tuning of my room has made my work soo much easier and I have happy clients because of it. Thanks again for that. It was an eye opening experience and yet another confirmation that professional stuff should be left to the professionals (in all trades—painters, acoustic designers, engineers, etc.)"
—Richard Furch, Engineer

"Thank you very much. The room is sounding awesome! And some much boosted confidence from your feedback at the end."
—Lisa Fowles, Dragonfly Sound

"I can't remember if I mentioned this, but an engineer came by to audition my room for a mix project after visiting a lot of studios, known and unknown and he said that my monitoring environment was by far the best one."
—Mike Caffrey, Engineer

"The room translated very well to the bigger mix stage. Thank you for all the help."
—Tom Marks, Engineer

"It's a pretty amazing transformation over here. I haven't turned the sub off since you left. This has to be the best sounding room I've ever worked in."
—Bob DeMaa, Engineer

"I'm just about finished with my big mastering job for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame DVD collection and I have to tell you, you did a wonderful job on my room. It's a pleasure to listen to all this music, the mixes sound great at home and on a few other systems that have heard them AND my mastering sounded very similar to a 4 songs that were mastered by Bob Clearmountain. All this goes to say it that you made the room work fabulously for me and it's helped my work appreciably."
—Jim LeBrecht

"Steve has been greatly pleased with the sound of his room after your adjustments."
—Doug Clow, Steve Jablonsky, Composer

"Bob Hodas has become an important part of our team at A&M, bringing science, consistency and a good set of ears to the table."
—Gary Meyerburg, A&M Recording Studios

"It falls into superhero category, really. Now who could play Bob in the movie...? Seriously, we thought we were in good hands. But it just never sounded right. BH, YOU DA MON."
—Leslie Chew, Engineer for Jordan Tarlow

"I AM enjoying my room. The biggest adjustment for me was working with real bass. I am still adjusting to the idea of being able to hear, or at least feel down to 20hz. It was a pleasure having you come and tweak my room. Probably the best money I have spent."
—Mike Monseur, Bias Mastering Studio

"Bob Hodas has tuned 6 of my client's rooms in the last two years and my personal studio as well and in all cases Bob has found the best quality of sound possible from the spaces and systems. His unique combination of measurement and listening skills with his years of acoustic experience combine to insure the best results."
—Greg Lukens, Washington Professional Systems

"Thanks Bob, room sounds great. The subs aren't in the most convenient place but they sound really good! …the bass is very even. Good stuff."
—Steve Slate, Steven Slate Drums


"Well, you have truly made a big contribution to my retirement pleasure yesterday with your work on my listening room! Having spent several hours listening to familiar discs, I can say that the the sound is much more coherent, the sound stage deeper and filled out in the center, instruments more localized, the bass is smoother and more defined — all in all, it's a huge improvement. Thanks!"
—Stewart Kiritz, Audiophile

"I just can't thank you enough for helping me tune my Theater! I am so excited! It sounds so incredible I can't even believe it is the same system. My room used to sound so boomy and muffed. Now the imaging and way everything sounds is so awesome! I am referring some of my friends to you who are in various stages of their home theater systems. You Are the MASTER!"
—Tom Jow, Audiophile

"Totally appreciate you hooking me up yesterday. That was awesome!!!!! My system sounds fantastic!"
—Bryan Southard, Audiophile

"Carlos says it's unreal, like the best audio he's heard! Well done man. thx"
—Geoffrey Franklin, The Projection Room

"Bob Hodas speaker placement tips have been very helpful in convincing my wife that I really do need to rearrange the living room in order to get the best possible response from our HT system. I can't wait to see how he handles the subject of sub and surround placement."
—Butch Patchell, Revolution Home Theater reader

"Just wanted to say thanks —a million— for the inclusion of the 'Bob Hodas Column.' It has certainly educated me tremendously in just the first one. Please continue to allow him to educate the very many of us who desire the best sound in our systems, but cannot afford to hire him to tune our rooms. Thanks again."
—Raphael Hendrickson, Revolution Home Theater reader

"I can't get over the luscious sound coming out of my speakers. It is the same system, but what a difference! Many, many thanks again!"
—Andrej Sali, Audiophile

"You have made my “wildest dream” come true! I now have 6ish hours of detailed listening in on the X-10’s and I am still blown away with the sound. Thanks again for all your help and wisdom in getting them setup so well! I am having fun with the image overriding my “bat radar”. The sound is so engaging I am having trouble leaving for work!
—Greg Lukens, Washington Pro Systems

"The system sounds amazing. Friends who have come over are blown away."
—Ben Shyman, Audiophile